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Domaine Doucet Paul & Fils Loire - Sancerre

The estate is located 6km (4 miles ) north from Sancerre, in Sury-en-Vaux. It used to be a typical local farm with cattle breeding and mixed farming. In 1975, Paul Doucet and his elder brother decided to dedicate it to the vitical activity. At that time, they had barely 5ha (12 acres) but quickly reached  9 ha (22 acres) in[...]


Domaine Hubert & Olivier Sinson Loire - IGP Val de Loire - Touraine - Valençay

Domaine Hubert & Olivier Sinson Our family estate started in 1880 when my grand grand father decided to cultivate few acres of vines and to make wines with local cepages. Since, the domain has been worked with passion and dedication.   Our Loire Valley region is world renowned for the quality of Touraine wines produced on its [...]


Domaine Pierre Finon Rhône Valley - Condrieu - IGP - Saint-Joseph

Domaine Pierre Finon The family estate of Pierre Finon is situated on the hillsides overhanging the right bank of the Rhône Valley, between Valence and Lyon. At present the estate extends over 20 hectares which include 7 hectares of red and white Saint-Joseph, 6.5 hectares of Vins de Pays and 0.5 hectare of Condrieu. [...]


Domaine de Maison Blanche Swiss - Mont-Sur-Rolle

La Maison Blanche... yesterday The de Mestrals came originally from Savoy and were first mentioned in Mont in 1258. At the time, Mont was part of the duchy of Savoy, and Pierre was the supervisor of the fortress and the lands owned by Louis de Savoie. The Maison Blanche, or White House, built in the 15th century, was first a fo[...]