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Domaine Hubert & Olivier Sinson


appelation : IGP Val de Loire, Touraine, Valençay

Domaine Hubert & Olivier Sinson

Our family estate started in 1880 when my grand grand father decided to cultivate few acres of vines and to make wines with local cepages. Since, the domain has been worked with passion and dedication.
Our Loire Valley region is world renowned for the quality of Touraine wines produced on its blond flints terroir (the two last flint cutters of the world live in Meusnes!). These clay limestone soils are very suitable for vines and the Loire Valley's cool climate is also a key to success for Sauvignon Blanc growing especially.
As I was fascinated by winemaking, I started studying viti-viniculture in 1995 at Amboise wine school (next to Tours) and I was incorporated into the company in 1999 to support and to work with my father in the domain. At this time, we decided to sell ourself 100% of our production in bottles. I finished with my father the building of the new cellar for vinification and we also invested in cellar equipment and bottling machins in 2001.
It was a pivotal period for us because from that point we can sell wine from 100% of our harvest in bottles ! Since then, I'm constantly concentrated on the quality of our wines. My main target today is conciliation between the respect of our know-how, our tradition and the modernisation of our business approach.
Today, Hubert and Annick Sinson, patriarch and matriarch of Sinson family and I, Olivier Sinson, are the owners of EARL Hubert & Olivier Sinson situated in Meusnes in the heart of Loire Valley.
We are independent winemakers and we have always been in contact with earth, grapes and wine. Today, my parents are retired but still live in the family house and I'm the chief winemaker. Every year, I do my best to create top quality wines according to my philosophy for the consumer.
Our vineyard counts 22 hectares and produces 2 different Appellations :
AOC Touraine and AOC Valençay.
Our plots are located on the Southern hillsides of the Cher river. The 2 main cepages of our vineyard are Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir but we also grow Chardonnay, Gamay, Malbec (Cot) and Pineau d'Aunis.
The average age of our vines is 25 years old and the yields are 50 hectoliter/hectar.
Our different grapes varieties are planted on hills facing South / South East on a flint clay soil. Our wines are elaborated in the respect of regional tradition with a very modern production process.
We produce white wines:

35 000 bottles of Touraine Sauvignon Blanc,
30 000 bottles of Valençay Blanc,

 and red wines:

9 000 bottles of Touraine “Charmeur” (50% Malbec- 50% Cabernet Franc),
10000 bottles of Touraine Malbec  (100% Malbec)
15000 bottles of IGP Pinot Noir (100% Pinot Noir)

Several years ago, I decided to manage the domain in an integrated way in order to preserve the Nature and the Environment reducing chemical herbicides and treatments, working soils, bringing the right amount of manure or fertilizer in each plot. I stay attuned to the needs of Nature and I try to propose authentic wines that match with client expectations.
Our wines are already represented in Europe (Paris, Dublin, London, Edimburgh, Copenhagen, Amsterdam) in Asia (Taïwan and Singapore) and in the United States.
 Touraine wines are made mainly from Sauvignon, Gamay, Malbec (Côt) and Pinot Noir. These grapes that are well-known for their intense aromas. Cold maceration an rapid fermentation techniques are frequently used in this area; combined with the power of the local varietals, these give the Touraine wines a very open, fruity and aromatic profile.
Diversity is another feature - Touraine wines can be red, white or rosé, still or sparkling.

Moderate alcohol, refreshing acidity and minerality make them item food wines
Pure expression of varietal and terroir unmasked by oak


wines from winery

PINOT NOIR Val de Loire "Saveur de Terroir" - Domaine Hubert & Olivier Sinson Loire IGP Val de Loire

 PINOT NOIR Val de Loire "Saveur de Terroir" - Domaine Hubert & Olivier Sinson HVE3  CERTICIFATION    APPELLATION:    IGP PINOT NOIR Val de Loire                                   TYPE OF WINE:  STILL RED   SOIL:      FLINT CLAY   YIELD:     [...]

Touraine Sauvignon Blanc "Jardin des Saveurs" - Domaine Hubert & Olivier Sinson Loire Touraine

Touraine Sauvignon Blanc "Jardin des Saveurs"  - Domaine Hubert & Olivier Sinson HVE  CERTIFICATION APPELLATION :       AOC TOURAINE TYPE OF WINE :     STILL WHITE                                          SOIL :    FLINT CLAY   YIELD :   50 HL/HECTARE   [...]

Valençay Blanc - Domaine Hubert et Olivier Sinson Loire Valençay

Valençay Blanc -  Domaine Hubert et Olivier Sinson HVE CERTIFICATION SOIL :   FLINT CLAY GRAPE VARIETIES :   80 % SAUVIGNON  &  20% CHARDONNAY                                          YIELD : 50 HL/HECTARE       SELECTING CRITERIA :     RIPENESS OF [...]

Valençay Rouge "Cuvée Prestige" - Domaine Hubert et Olivier Sinson Loire Valençay

Valençay Rouge "Cuvée Prestige"  -  Domaine Hubert et Olivier Sinson HVE3  CERTIFICATION SOIL :   FLINT CLAY   YIELD :  50 HL/HECTARE  GRAPE VARIETIES :     1/3 COT (MALBEC), 1/3 GAMAY & 1/3  PINOT NOIR                                                    [...]

VOLUPTE DU MUSA Methode Traditionnelle Rosé - Domaine Hubert et Olivier Sinson Loire IGP Val de Loire

VOLUPTE DU MUSA Methode Traditionnelle Sparkling Rosé - Domaine Hubert et Olivier Sinson   SOILS : Clay & Silica   GRAPES : PINOT NOIR & COT (MALBEC)    VINIFICATION : Pneumatic pressing with automatic controle of temperature   FERMENTATION : 10 to 20 days     ANALYSE :       [...]