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Domaine de l'Epinay Loire - IGP - Muscadet Sevre et Maine

Domaine de l'Epinay, formerly owned Spanish sixteenth century, is fortunate to be located southeast of Nantes Vineyard,in the town of Clisson. This medieval city was built in Britain''gates''in order to monitor access. Alternately Breton and French, she was repeatedly destroyed, rebuilt and again completely[...]


Domaine de la Pinsonniere Loire - Touraine - Vouvray

Domaine de la Pinsonnière « And fruit became nectar »   Vouvray has a natural tendency to become effervescent. This predisposition to “bubbliness” is used to develop effervescent wines, following the traditional method. They are produced from the same varietal as still Vouvray, or Vouvray Tranquille: the grape variet[...]


Château Salettes Provence Côté d’Azur - Bandol - IGP

Château Salettes History   The name of the estate comes from the Gallic tribe SALETTAS who used to live there. Since 1604, 18 generations of the same family have succeeded one another to cultivate that land, sometimes with mine or pickaxe for the plantations on the stony soil. With, the passing of generations, the ancestors h[...]