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Petit-Chablis - Domaine Fillon & Fils


  • appelation : Petit-Chablis
  • Winery : Domaine Fillon et Fils
  • Type : Sec
  • Grape : Chardonnay
  • Vintage : 2018

Petit-Chablis  - Domaine Fillon & Fils


ORIGIN: Planted on a Kimmeridgian soil (made of marl and limestone), the vineyards are 45 years old and produce a dry and mineral white wine typical of the Chablis Appellation

PLANTATION: 5500 grafts planted per hectare of vineyard and chosen based on the quality of the clones. The vines are located on the slope facing South / West. Double Guyot pruning with an expected return of 60 hectoliters.

CULTURE: The techniques behind the preparation of the soil and our sustainable practices to care for the vines are carefully chosen in agreement with agronomic technicians.

WINEMAKING AND MATURING PROCESS: Pneumatic pressuring, cold static clarification, alcoholic fermentation with temperature control in stainless steel vats.

DESCRIPTION: With its gold and green color, the wine is light and fresh, fruity with notes of white flowers.

TASTING / FOOD AND WINE PAIRING:  Aperitif, Grilled fish and all fishes in creamy sauce, shellfish, hoisters, scallop, Tuna, Salmon, cheese (Epoisse, Chaource, Brie,).
Serving temperature: 10°/12° Celsius

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