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appelation : Mont-Sur-Rolle

La Maison Blanche... yesterday

The de Mestrals came originally from Savoy and were first mentioned in Mont in 1258. At the time, Mont was part of the duchy of Savoy, and Pierre was the supervisor of the fortress and the lands owned by Louis de Savoie.
The Maison Blanche, or White House, built in the 15th century, was first a fortified salt depot and had a garnison to protect it. Jean de Mestral, commander of a battalion at the service of François I, bought it in 1526 and turned it into a wine estate. It has remained in the family ever since.

... and today

Ideally situated on the shore of the lake of Geneva (Swiss side), the estate comprises 6 ha, principally of the typical Swiss grape which is the chasselas. The result of a controlled policy of restricted yield and maturing the wine like they did in the olden days, that is, in oaken casks, brings forth a wine which is very specific for this region: fruity and yet dry.
Apart from this, the maestro grows a few specialities, with a lot of feel, competence and passion, but in very limited quantities.
His philosophy is to combine tradition with progress.

Tradition by picking grapes by hand or consulting the moon phases, progress by using modern technology but in harmony with nature.

Member of the Swiss Winegrowers' Association

What does this mean?
A winegrower, as a member of this association, commits himself to produce wine which he matures himself and wich comes from his own vineyard only.
Besides, as the craftsman he is, he gives all his attention and skill to the development of the vines and the wine-making process, and he is driven by one motivation only: to make his customer happy.

Yves and Corinne de Mestral will be delighted to receive you and to be able to share their passion for their wine with you.

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