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Mont-Sur-Rolle Grand Cru Blanc - Domaine Maison Blanche


  • appelation : Mont-Sur-Rolle
  • Winery : Domaine de Maison Blanche
  • Type : Sec
  • Grape : Chasselas
  • Vintage : 2018

Mont-Sur-Rolle Grand Cru Blanc - Domaine Maison Blanche

Ideally situated on the shore of the lake of Geneva (Swiss side), the estate comprise 6 ha..

Appellation :  MONT SUR ROLLE Grand Cru

Cépage : 100% Chasselas 
Terroir: The hillside closest the lake. A microclimate and heavy topsoil give this Chasselas wine body and caracter typical of the real Mont-sur-Rolle.
Vinification: Owner Philosophy is to combine tradition and progress. Tradition by picking grapes by hand, wines matured on a old traditional oak cask, consulting the moon phases. Progress by using modern technology in harmony with nature, controlled policy of restricted yield.


 Goes well with cheeses, freshwater fish, Asian food, and of course an excellent aperitif wine !
Ageing potential : 3 to 5 years. Beyond that, sum vintages can, from a gastronomical point of view, be very interesting .

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