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Haut-Medoc Cuvee Prestige - Château Tour Bel Air


  • appelation : Haut-Médoc
  • Winery : Château Tour Bel Air
  • Type : Sec
  • Grape : Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
  • Vintage : 2012

Haut-Medoc Cuvee PRESTIGE Château Tour Bel Air

Appellation: Haut Médoc
Official label: Médoc Cru artisan
Area: 7, 8 hectares of vineyard
Type of soil: sand-gravel, lying on a layer of clay
Type of vine: 40% merlot, 60% cabernet-sauvignon
Average age of the vines: 35 years-old
Plantation density:  high density, 8500 roots/hectare
Average output: low, from 30 to 35 hectoliters/hectare for the Prestige cuvée
Harvests: manually
Production: 10.000 bottles , selection of old vines
Maturing:  15 months including 10 months in oak barrels
Strong colour, strong and fruity nose with crusty aromas. Structured and well-balances wine, quite plump. It is better when consumed early, and can be kept 10 years. Ideal beverage when blend with red meats, grills, and cheese.

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