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Domaine Gibalaux-Bonnet South of France - Minervois

Domaine Gibalaux - Bonnet  GIBALAUX, once the priory of the Abbey at Caunes. In the heart of the Languedoc, the Minervois, caught between the Cité of Carcassonne and the Châteaux Cathares. Since 1969, when the first wines were produced by Marie-Jeanne and Jean-Baptiste BONNET, we take the greatest care in raising our wine[...]


Domaine de Maison Blanche Swiss - Mont-Sur-Rolle

La Maison Blanche... yesterday The de Mestrals came originally from Savoy and were first mentioned in Mont in 1258. At the time, Mont was part of the duchy of Savoy, and Pierre was the supervisor of the fortress and the lands owned by Louis de Savoie. The Maison Blanche, or White House, built in the 15th century, was first a fo[...]